Sunday, March 30, 2014

Contest!! Free Book!!

I'm so sick of looking at this never ending snow piling up outside my log cabin. To top it off, it's snowing right now, when it was supposed to be a bright sunny spring day. So I'm going to hold a contest. The first person to guess the date when all this white stuff is finally gone wins a free signed copy of my upcoming book, Silver Totem of Shame. The person with the date closest to the actual date wins! What could be easier than that. Just leave your answer in the comments section.


  1. Here in Calgary we are due for snow on May 3 and 4, so I will guess May 4. I will at a poetry weekend class, two days, put on by the Alexandra Writers Centre, based in an old sandstone elementary school. Sandstone was the building code after the great fire around the turn of they century (give or take a few decades) took out the entire down town. We learned a lesson. There are photos of city hall being held in a tent after the fire.

    The Alexandra named after a princess, has all sorts of classes. I do Free fall every Friday. Membership is 60 $ per year but then any classes are 60$ off for members.

    Actually, I would be happy to buy your book at WCC in August; I feel awkward being the only one to comment/guess. See you at the Con!

  2. HI Sean. The action for this contest was actually taking place on Facebook. I rarely use my blog. But thanks for your best guesstimate. The snow was gone by May 1 and there were two winners. Looking forward to seeing you at WCC.

    1. Thank you for replying here and on my blog—my blog needs all the comments it can get!
      Here it is snowing lightly but steadily all weekend. This means next year I will have trouble kidding myself that winter ends in April.
      Good thing you and I have tickets—WWC is 88% sold out already!